Florida Shores

Daytona Beach

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  2. Location Map

    The Photographs of the Florida Shores (Coast) where i have been to are mainly introduced here. These photos are about only several places yet, but the final aim is covering all shores in Florida.
    By the way, I have some Satellite Images that are collected for my research. I think these are very important information for the coastal engineeres. Therefore, I expose some of these images in this page, too.

  4. Satellite Images
  5. Satellite Image of Florida Peninsula-> here

  6. Jacksonville
  7. Northward Southward Sand/ Watch is Scale

    The estuary of St. Johns River (one of the biggest river in Florida) is near from this beach. The sand supplyed from this river sediments from here to Cape Canaveral.

  8. Daytona
  9. Northward Car can run Coastal Width/ Very large

    The particle size is very small and settles hardly. Therefore, cars can run in the beach.

  10. Cape Canaveral
  11. Cocoa
  12. Southward/ Cocoa Beach

  13. Hollywood
  14. Nouthward Southward

  15. Miami
  16. Northward/ Many People come Southward/ Width is Large/ Synthetic Sand/ Rough/ Pen is a Scale

  17. Florida Keys
  18. Bahai Honda/ Florida Keys

    The coasts of Florida Keys are made by the mudstone and the coral sand. There are mainly Sedimental and the shallow beachs around the keys.
    Especially, the Florida Bay where the reagion between the keys and the peninsula is a shallow (10m or shallower isobath) area. But the isobath of the southward in the Atlantic Cocean from the keys is shallow aroud the keys, but soon changes greatly in the rapid descent topography.
    If we grub the sand in these beachs, we can smell like a sulfur. I think it seems the microbe acts vigorously and this is a healthy beach.

  19. Tampa
  20. Cedar Key
  21. This area is Wetland Coast/ No Seawall Sand/ Watch is a Scale

  22. Extra
    • Nassau, Bahamas
    • Outside of Blue Lagoon Beach/ Water Color is Emerald Green Inside of Blue Lagoon Beach Sand/ Watch is a Scale

    • Castaway Cay, Bahamas
    • Disney's Private Island/ Castaway Disney's Private Island/ Castaway Sand/ Watch is a Scale/ Shells are included

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